Free attractions in Denmark

If you are looking for some free attractions in Denmark then visit the old grocery store and museum in Karlslunde, only 30 minutes south of Copenhagen. The beautiful area offers lots of things to do and look at and it is a great day trip for you and your family.

The old grocery store in Karlslunde

The old grocery store has an atmosphere you won’t find anywhere else and it is a unique chance to visit ‘the old Denmark’ like it was around 1908. It is a ‘live’ museum and gift shop with old antiques and curiosities everywhere. Old ice skates, hand made brushes, old tin cans, toilet paper from the war, old newspapers and so much more decorates the store from top to bottom.

The coffee is ground on the old coffee mills and the old brass till is still in operation. On the first floor you will find a large permanent Christmas display like nowhere else. Dwarfs, Santas, angles, an old sleigh and horse cart, an electrical train and an old fashioned Christmas tree is just some of the things you can find here.

The kids will love it…

The kids will absolutely love it and may even want some of the old-fashioned wooden toys and paper dolls that you can get here.

The grocery store specialises in products that are unique, old fashioned, high quality and that you can’t get anywhere else. Worth mentioning is old fashioned candy, delicious chocolate, home mixed coffee, a large variety of tea, beer from small Danish breweries, tasty wines, antiques and of course everything you can think of for a Nordic Christmas.

It is simply one of the best free attractions in Denmark located in the beautiful countryside just a short ride from Copenhagen.

How to get there…

We are open every day from 10 am to 5 pm including Sundays.

Once you are there why not also visit the following nearby attractions described below:

Ishuset i Karlslunde

Enjoy an ice-cream by the stream

All summer the next door ice-cream shop is open. So why not enjoy an ice-cream by the little stream and look out into the old beautiful Viking landscape. Just across the road you’ll find a small forest and in the same building a cheese shop.

Seværdighed i Karlslunde

Go for a walk around the Karlstrup old quarry and village

Another one of the free attractions in the area is Karlstrup limestone quarry from 1843. Today the quarry is a lake surrounded by beautiful nature and it is a perfect place to go for a walk. Not far from there you will find the old village of Karlstrup and if you really want to experience the ‘old Denmark’ this is the place to go.

Visit the old church and the bronze age mounts

Just north of the village you find the old medieval Karlstrup church from around 1100. It is a typical old Danish church except that it is situated outside of the village. The area in general has been inhabited for about 7000 years and has been home to Vikings as well as Stone Age people. Therefore you can also find several Bronze Age mounts in the area.

Eat lunch at the Corporals restaurant

After a nice walk you might be hungry so why not enjoy your lunch or a glass of wine at Korporals kroen? The old inn goes back to 1690 and is just next door to the old grocery store.

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